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Thomas P. Anthony, Ph.D., LSSBB
Principal Consultant

Having previously been employed in energy, renewable energy, utilities, maritime, maritime research, academia, research and development, industrial, manufacturing and healthcare, Dr. Anthony has developed a wealth of experience with the ability to conceptualize, design, develop and implement Lean Transformation Strategies and Operational Excellence Programmes for small and medium organizations. He is able to leverage this experience throughout all levels of business from customer facing associates to senior executives in both production and nonproduction environments.

Thomas comes equipped with excellent relationship building skills, Project Management capability, organizational change management techniques with emphasis on cultural shift coupled with strategic short, medium and long-range planning. Additionally, Thomas possesses an arsenal of Lean Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement tools and methodologies that enable him to guide, lead or transform any organization in multiple industries which makes him an invaluable asset to any business.

Technical Capabilities

Project Management

Thomas has amassed a wealth of Project Management experience in the course of several projects execution. These skills range from project initiation, project planning, project execution and project close out utilizing such tools as Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Methodology (CPM).

Operations Management

Throughout his career, Thomas has developed solid Operations Management experience managing small, medium and large teams. His responsibilities included developing, evaluating and improving manufacturing methods. This was accomplished by supporting professional development of associates at all levels thus empowering each individual to make contributions to the height of his or her licensure.

Lean/Operational Excellence Specialist

Having utilized almost all Lean tools at some point of his career, Thomas has gained diverse practical experience of Lean tools, techniques and methodologies. He is able to use his teaching and coaching experience to impart his knowledge to individuals in various roles from production line associates to senior executive Levels in support of both their personal and professional development. Specifically, he is able coach, mentor and guide Leadership through effective Continuous Improvement programs with the ability to:

  • Discuss the program objectives and goals

  • Design detailed Kaizen event

  • Provide reports on a weekly basis

  • Develop plans for project teams

  • Develop and mentoring Green and Black Belt candidates

  • Draft and final project data tabulations

  • Analyze LSS DMAIC project, or Kaizen activity data and/or findings

  • Prepare of LSS DMAIC project, or Kaizen activity report for Postal Service approval

  • Prepare one-page summary of the LSS DMAIC project, event or Kaizen activity results

  • Facilitation of Training and Meeting

  • Provide LSS DMAIC project follow-up milestones and validation plan

  • Presentation of LSS DMAIC project, or Kaizen activity results to leadership.

  • Complete A3 for completed projects.​​​​​​​​​

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