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About Us

How Better Business Begins

Our Story

Bimshire Consulting Inc. (BCI) is a fully incorporated consultancy company with highly trained professionals at its disposal providing customized organizational transformation including Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement (CI/PI) solutions to small and medium size organizations.

Originally founded in the state of Florida out of the limited availability of consulting services in the area of Business Process Improvement, the company is registered with the State of Indiana and operates under license number 201805031256296. Whether a manufacturing company, a healthcare facility, a retail store, restaurant, a utility company, a non-profit organization, a charity, or a faith-based institution, BCI has the capacity, the capability and the collective technical experience to cater to your specific organizational improvement requirements.

BCI brings highly versatile, technologically savvy and competent professionals to your training, waste minimization or transformation needs. Moving from the current state to the desired future state will be accomplished by leveraging tried and proven Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement best practices supported by the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Total Quality Management methodologies. It is “How Better Business Begins”.

Meet The Team
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Thomas P. Anthony, Ph.D., LSSBB

Principal Consultant.


Marian S. Anthony, D.Min., LSSGB


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Chelsea Armbrister, Ph.D.


Mrs. T. Dorian Clarke

Our Clients

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