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Marian S. Anthony, D.Min., BBA(Mgt)., LSSGB

Dr. Stewart Anthony has had a broad-based career in the areas of international logistics, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profits (NPOs), and has leveraged her skills and experience in conceiving, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and strategies geared towards organizational effectiveness, and soft skills development and mastery.  As a business analyst and consultant, Marian has a strong commitment to leadership development and staff engagement, with the goal of helping organizations convert challenging opportunities into measurable successes.  Skilled in administration and management, Marian has worked with persons at all levels with various functions within organizations, mentoring and training individuals and teams, while guiding them towards effecting positive change in areas of production and service delivery.


Needs Analysis, Curriculum/Project Development, Implementation, Evaluation

Marian's extensive experience and expertise in needs analysis, curriculum development, project design, implementation, and evaluation has ranged from SME's through to non-profits, charities, and faith-based institutions.  In helping organizations recapture and/or redefine their vision, mission, and practice, Marian's strong analytical skills enable her to critically evaluate, create, and facilitate quality of service intervention programs.

Leadership Development and Training

Through consultancy, mentorship, and as an augmenting training partner, Marian has contributed significantly to the ongoing development of leaders in service industries, and the international development sector.  As an organizational change agent Marian has strong interpersonal skills demonstrated in her ability to influence and inspire others.

Soft Skills Training

  • Attitude

  • Communication

  • Creative thinking

  • Work ethic

  • Teamwork

  • Networking

  • Decision-making

  • Positivity

  • Time management

  • Motivation

  • Flexibility

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Conflict resolution

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