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Chelsea Armbrister, Ph.D.

Dr. Armbrister is a skilled professional specializing in research, manufacturing, data analysis, workflow optimization, project monitoring and reporting and operational monitoring and reporting. Her research, manufacturing, data analysis and reporting skills were acquired during her tenure at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering where she received a PhD in Industrial Engineering while contributing to real world projects for organizations such as: Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Air Force Research Laboratory and Corning Incorporated.


Chelsea acquired her operations, project management, monitoring and reporting skills by working for organizations such as the Specialty Managment Group (SMG) as the Departmental Lead of the CNC Manufacturing Unit and the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) as a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant. At the Specialty Managment Group (SMG), she made contributions such as: 

-    The reduction of material waste to ensure cost savings through the creation of quality control metrics and processes for the drafting and manufacturing of millwork products 

-    The reduction of company costs associated with computer numerical control (CNC) machinery repairs by creating detailed repair, maintenance, and training manuals 

 -   The reduction of machinery costs by researching, sourcing and preforming price comparisons for manufacturing machinery. 

During her tenure at the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) she made contributions such as:

-    The facilitation of quality healthcare in developing countries (i.e. The Bahamas) through the development of project monitoring and evaluation standards and policies in line with the World Bank Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) performance standards

-     The facilitation of optimal healthcare operations and best procedures in The Bahamas via data collection, analysis and collaboration with various departments and regulatory agencies (i.e., Ministry of Works, Supply Chain Management Agency, Department of Environmental Planning and Protection) 
-    Ensured stakeholder engagement and decision making through regular tracking and reporting on all requested subject matter, task and projects.

In summary, Chelsea specializes in making life easier for her clients by using her technical knowledge and experiences to solve problems, optimize operations and tracking progress so that they do not have to. 


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