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  • Marian Stewart Anthony

Everything is a Process!

Many people don’t realize that everything is a process, and that even the process is a process!

Think about it… since everything is a process, the implication is that it is possible to effect a reduction in costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, and manage our resources more effectively by examining, managing, and revising our processes. This idea obtains in every sphere of endeavor because, once again – everything is a process!

A process is defined as: “A series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end” and it is this end goal that helps us determine whether our process is working, is robust enough, or should be scrapped. As you consider your end goal, ask yourself “does this process contribute to the accomplishment of my objective?” With the end goal in sight, the next question to ask is “What are the steps in this process and are they all necessary?” This is where you get to the heart of your process as you analyze it to determine what, if anything, needs to be improved because it is lacking value added steps or contains non-value-added steps.

Nearly every process contains some form and quantity of waste, which in the context of business process improvement, means there is no value added to the customer. Once you identify and eliminate areas of waste within your processes, you will save time and produce higher quality results.

What does waste look like? Waste is described as “all actions and steps in any process which does not add value to the end-user or customer.” The types of waste are evidenced in the following areas:

  • Transportation

  • Inventory

  • Motion

  • Waiting

  • Overprocessing

  • Overproduction

  • Defects

  • Skills

These form the acronym “TIMWOODS” and reflect the classical 8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing.

Although this categorization has primarily applied to manufacturing entities, these wastes are evident in every type of organizational operation. Typically, an examination of your processes will reveal a waste that can be eliminated or reduced, with a resultant reduction in costs, while improving quality, and better management of your resources.

Bimshire Consulting Inc. can do the analysis of your processes as the beginning of the turnaround in your business, retail store, restaurant, utility company, non-profit organization, or charity. We are here to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business strategy, customer, and manufacturing processes. Bimshire Consulting Inc., - it’s how better business begins!

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